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Dear Santa,

I've been awfully good this year generating way many fic and ficlets and setting them free in the world. This year my wishes are quite simple:

I'd like more insight into the world of Same Rainbow's End. I'm not picky, a new chapter or a sequel, doesn't matter to me.

I'd also like some good plot driven Tara fics in which Tara isn't an appendage of willow or a dishrag, or better yet, Vampire Tara and/or VampWillow fics.

Please, oh please, Santa. I'm counting on you. ;D
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Dear Santa,

For christmas I want crossovers and threesomes! No, really.

1. Daniel (SG1) and Dawn (BtVS): can be a pairing or not, they just need to save the world, please.

2. Methos (HL)/Giles (BtVS): Books, history, you can figure out the rest...

3. A fic where Booth is really Angel, after the series finale, just human and with out his memories... perhaps he gets them back?

4. House (House) and the Batfamily or House and the Scoobie gang

5. Harry/Hermione/Ron or Jack/Daniel/Sam or Daniel/Vala/Mitchell

If you're an iconer like me, any icon of the above situations would be the coolness. I'm having great fun making icons for others, but are we supposed to wait for a particular date before revealing our works?
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Dear Santa,

This year I've been really nice and so I wish for...

1. Babylon 5 and Crusade fic. Marcus/Franklin would be nice, or maybe Franklin/Ivanova (OTP!). I wouldn't say no to good John/Delenn, either. Or anything with Galen or Eilerson. Hell, any B5 fic is good (Crusade fic even better), but if you write me Franklin/Ivanova (or even point me towards any fic that might already exist), I will love you forever.

2. Jurassic Park III fic. Because Alan/Billy is love.

3. Someone to write Enid (Ghost World)/William the Bloody Awful Poet (BtVS) from the latest pairing list at ithurtsmybrain. No-one claimed it and this makes me sad. I'd write it myself if I was more familiar with Ghost World.

4. And speaking of crossovers, a Buffy/Young Ones crossover where Spike and Vyvyan meet would be wonderful. Or a Buffy/AbFab crossover where Patsy sets her eye on Spike. C'mon, I can't be the only one who's thought of it :)
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1)B/A future-fluff, or future-angst with a happy ending. Bring on the porn.

2)Buffy/Gunn, Buffy/Wesley, Buffy/Cordelia post-high school fic. Or AU! Where Cordelia is Buffy's slightly older Watcher, or Wesley is Buffy's college professor, or Gunn and Buffy are spy!partners. With porn.

3)Gunn, Wes, Cordy, Nina, Buffy/Gunn, Buffy/Wes, Buffy/Cordy, Buffy/Shepherd Book (not in a shippy way) icons.

4)Jossverse femslash featuring any combination of the following characters: Buffy, Faith, Cordelia, Dawn, Gwen, Nina, Darla. Ooh, extra cool points for dark!Buffy/Darla.

5)Roswell fic: any canon pairing or Isabel/Liz, Tess/Liz, Isabel/Maria

6)Roswell/Buffyverse crossover-- Max/Angel, Buffy/Isabel, Cordelia/Isabel, Faith/Liz

Is this for naugt?

Dear Fandom Santa,

I wish, I wish that, miraculously, one morning I would wake up to find some Frankie Muniz slashfiction on the Net. Preferably of Cody Banks, but other characters would do as well. As long as they're all of age.

Save a young girl's Christmas, please.