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The Wishlist

Dear Santa...

Fandom Wishlist
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Dear Santa,

This year, please bring me porn. Lots of porn. About Clark and Lex. In a barn.

Or a pony. But preferably Clark and Lex.


This is a multifandom community for people to request fic, icons or whatever else they'd like to receive as gifts. It isn't a secret santa, in that you're not assigned anyone's request and you may not get one of yours filled. It's more like an amazon wishlist: if somebody loves you or is feeling randomly generous, they can see what you'd like.

Requests can be very specific if there's a particular story you want to see, or as vague as a pairing, character or genre. Feel free to request as much as you like, in however many fandoms you want, but please use cut-tags if it's going to get long.

If you'd like to give someone a gift anonymously, email me at and I'll get one of Santa's elves to pass it along.